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We are incredibly proud to have been awarded our fifth and sixth AXIEM Awards, this year for the Packeteer in Action CD-ROM and Packeteer's e-Learning web site. We're also thrilled to have received our first Web Marketing Association Outstanding Web Site Award for our Newbie's Guide to Wireless Networks.

"The Packeteer in Action CD is one of the most informative, compelling and well-received collateral pieces that we have," said Wilson Craig, manager of public relations for Packeteer. "The work done by WKMN to develop and continuously update this piece has always been top-notch. We are glad to see them and their work being recognized by AXIEM."


Previous Year Awards: In 2002, WKMN won a Silver AXIEM award for A Newbie's Guide to Wireless Networks. This course has received great reviews from industry professionals, trade journals, and now we've been recognized by the Internet, multimedia, and e-learning community. We're thrilled! The promise of anytime anywhere e-learning has been touted for years now, and we believe that we are delivering on that promise. Awards like this, coupled with satisfied customers and great peer reviews tell us that we are on the right track.

In 2001 WKMN won a Silver AXIEM Award for a technical training CD-ROM developed for Packeteer, which taught people how to initially install and configure the PacketShaper family of products. The audience included customers and third-party installation teams throughout the world.

In 2000 WKMN won a Copper AXIEM award for training we developed on the IBM InterJet product line. This is the primary way in which IBM trains internal staff, resellers, and partners to sell, install, configure, and support the WebConnections services via the InterJet. WKMN also received a Silver award for our web site, featuring our interactive learning center and a series of multimedia tutorials.

About the Web Marketing Association:

The Web Marketing Association (WMA) was founded in 1997 to help set a high standard for Internet marketing and corporate web development on the World Wide Web. Staffed by volunteers, this organization is made up of Internet marketing, advertising, PR and design professionals from around the country who share an interest for improving the quality of advertising, marketing and promotion used to attract visitors to corporate websites. For more information please visit

About the AXIEM AWARDS: The AXIEM AWARDS is an international awards program created to honor those who produce the very best in all forms of electronic media. This is the only award representing the entire electronic media industry. The AXIEM AWARD sets the standard of creative communication and production excellence in electronic media by establishing a "level playing field" for all entries. Each entry is judged solely on its own merits against an absolute standard of excellence established for each Medium, Market, and Category. Only a small percentage of projects entered achieve silver or copper status. In 2002, 7% of entries received copper and 26% received silver awards.

In 2002, Craig Wiesner, co-founder of WKMN Training was selected to be a member of the Judging Advisory Board for the AXIEM Awards.

One of WKMN's most significant successes was HP World, an interactive theme park on the web where new HP employees attended new hire orientation. Each new employee received a passport at the entrance of this virtual world and could visit the various learning centers in the park at their own pace. Solving real-world problems and interacting with other new employees and managers was built into the various areas of the theme park. Once the employee got stamps for all the pages in the passport, a copy of the HP Way book and a certificate of completion were sent as congratulations for a job well done!

HP considered this to be one of their most successful training programs ever, increasing the percentage of employees completing new hire orientation from below 40% before HP World was built to nearly 90% once the world was completed. While it was strictly for internal use only, and could not be nominated for web awards, the managers at HP in charge of the program gave it their highest praise - keeping it running across the world until the HP Compaq merger.


About WKMN and Reach And Teach: WKMN develops and delivers customized technical and sales training with an emphasis on emerging networking technologies. Establised in 1992, WKMN is proud to have industry pioneers and leaders among our client list. In 2003, WKMN launched a new social enterprise, providing educational products to promote a more peaceful and just tomorrow. Visit for more information about this exciting venture!

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